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ESSEC Business School introduces International Business School programs for all students

ESSEC Business School is proud to introduce its International Business School programs for all students. ESSEC Business School was the first business school outside of North America to be accredited by the AACSB and is known as one of the leading business schools in the world.

The school is located in France, Singapore, Morocco, and Mauritius. It offers a broad variety of specialized master’s degree programs (Global MBA and executive MBAs) in fields like Management or Finance. It also offers Ph.D. and bachelor’s programs. ESSEC offers a unique pedagogical approach. This approach is founded on the creation and dissemination of cutting- edge knowledge, a blend of academic learning and practical experience, and a multicultural openness and dialogue.


MSc in Management:
2/3 of your courses are chosen by you. Flexibility is at the heart of the curriculum and lets you design and adapt your study-work path. 98.2% employability rate for those graduates who choose to go directly into work, find their job within 6 months of graduating. A €65K average starting salary and you will progress quickly in your chosen career not only in terms of salary but in competencies!
Advanced Master Strategy & Management of International Business:
There are 8 tracks to choose from, tailored to achieve your career goals and in partnership with 4 leading business schools abroad. There is a 97% employability rate. Graduates on the job market got their first job within 4 months of completing the program. Over 2500 alumni worldwide. Based abroad or at home, they work on international projects and as a part of international teams.

Master in Finance:
Having 75% international students means you can learn from your classmates who come from all over the world and experience true international exposure. With a world-class faculty of 30 finance professors, known globally for their academic excellence and research in all fields of finance, such as corporate finance, financial markets, and asset management. Fast track your career to work in the world’s leading banks and best financial institutions in 15 intensive months. Available in Paris and Singapore.

Global BBA:
Connected to the program are 145 partner universities. Find your dream exchange program from our vast network of prestigious university partners. 70% of the Global BBA Alumni work internationally. Based abroad or at home working on international projects, you will be taken all over the world. $ 50K starting salary. Embark on your high-flying career with a starting salary comparable to many junior MBA programs. Available in France, Singapore, Morocco, and Mauritius.
Global MBA:
12 intensive months means you can fast-track your career by gaining international business skills and networks in under a year. This full-time MBA offers six Majors (luxury brand management, hospitality management, finance, entrepreneurship & innovation, digital business) with an overall emphasis on international markets. 90% international students. Study amongst skilled professionals from all over the world and learn from each other’s differences. A minimum of 3 countries included. Experience first-hand business practices on two intercontinental campuses, Paris and Singapore, and during a field trip.

Contact Information
ESSEC Business School
Address: 3 avenue Bernard Hirsch
CS 50105 Cergy 95021 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex France

Phone: +33 (0)1 34 43 30 00
Fax: +33 (0)1 34 43 30 01
For more contact info, visit here http://www.essec.edu/en/contact/
source: http://www.bignetindia.com/jobs-and-career/essec-business-school-introduces-international-business-school-programs-students/

ESSEC Business School is proud to introduce its International Business School programs for all students.
MSc in Management
Advanced Master Strategy & Management of International Business

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Opportunities to Explore After International Business Program

Are you searching for an exciting industry to work with in Canada? Do you want that your business marketing abilities are utilized in the best way? A specialized degree in international business management would surely be the ladder after which you can operate, manage and get acquainted to the changing environment of this global marketplace. Talking mainly about the industries where growth can be anticipated and you can get highly paid career options are advertising, marketing, international business management and finance.

The students are allowed to live & work in Canada after they obtain a degree in business or any such related discipline from a recognized college or School of Business. Such degrees would teach different subjects which sustain the international business industry.

What do the students learn?

The students learn definite skills and in-depth knowledge of dealing with numerous tasks related to different departments. They are trained to plan, manage, operate and report according to the assigned tasks with their team members. Possessing strong analytical skills and managing skills are important for the future managers to learn. Starting from the basics of international trade, logistics and other practices of business management, the aspirants would know about societies globally, the spread cultures and challenges faced in this industry. They not only gain theoretical knowledge but are given opportunity to implement their learnt skills in an accurate manner. Few colleges and business schools offer internships at multiple market-places which helps them to become a part of the driving workforce. Such opportunities would strengthen inter personal skills, problem solving skills and they can also become good decision-makers. There are many work profiles where the students can seek employment after completion of their program.

After learning international business program, there are few industries where they can apply for employment. They are:

– International Business
– Finance
– Import & Export
– Industries
– Government Organizations
– Corporations
– Business Communications
– Private Sectors

The two-year international business diploma program is designed for the individuals who can understand the overall context of international business industry. Such programs are prepared and certified for the students who wish to advance in their business careers at a global level. It makes them learn about growing international market and broaden their perspectives where as working at various work profiles. It would make them highly organized also see the sights of balancing customer needs and knowing the current market trends. They can be: Customer Representatives, Export/Import Managers, Logistics Mangers/Executives, Entrepreneurs, Foreign Investment Analysts, International Banking Officers and many more designations can make you lead ahead on your career path. These individuals can become innovative team leaders and future managerial executives by learning a huge range of business management skills.

The author writes about the students who opt for two-year international business diploma program from School of Business to move ahead in the International Business industry.

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Achieve Competency with International Business Management Program

Canada has been ranked ahead as a destination chosen by the students from all over the globe where they can opt to study for high school and graduation. The colleges, schools of business and universities are remarked since years for their high-quality education while keeping the fee structure pretty affordable for all the students. Finding a suitable opportunity to work in Canada after studying for business management program can prove as career growth for the students. A lot of aspirants are keen towards learning about varied subjects related to international business management. Gaining education through a renowned degree in Canada has been noticed after which you can perform the assigned duties in a well-mannered way.

What you will study in international business program?

An international business diploma can be a good step to take in while you’re planning a career in international business field management field. It teaches about accounting, business writing, business communication, international business ethics, human resource management, information technology, marketing management, financial management, logistics and few others. Being four semesters program, the individuals would understand the know-how of the ways to run business, while exploring new and creative ideas for its marketing campaigns.

Here you will be learning to head the following duties while working as an international business executive, assistant or manager:

– Planning & Prioritizing Tasks
– Analyze the Functions
– Promoting Business Products/Services
– Assigning Tasks to Team Members
– Co-ordinate with Team
– Solve the Issues while working
– Maintaining Healthy Work Environment
– Preparing Reports on Timely Basis
– Meeting Deadlines
– Receiving Feedback

The students are required to develop the below essential skills such as:

– Strong Inter-Personal skills
– Leadership Skills
– Strategic Thinking
– Analytical Skills
– Software Management Skills
– Decision-Making Skills
– Negotiation Skills
– Marketing Skills

These programs are specially tailored for the students to make them gain comprehensive understanding of how to deal with various business related issues in a smart way while managing the other tasks. Problem solving skills are must for any individual as this industry constantly revolves around quick adaptability in such prompt international environment.

Job Opportunities in Canada

A lot of rush ash been seen since past few years in business management field where in the students are pursing certified programs to become future managers. After graduating from School of Business, you can get a numerous opportunities to gain a respectable work profile in this progressing industry. Know as in which industry you can perform at your best and then apply for chosen profile to success in global business sector. Eligible students after bachelor’s, diploma and master’s degree can work with their newly gained skills and abilities while they contribute to the international business sector. Through such learning experiences, they can gain more confidence while managing the ability to change in such culturally diversified society through varied approaches.

The author here shares his view about the students who opt for international business diploma from Canadian College and later can enjoy different positions in the international business management field.

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Advantages of Master in International Business over other MBA disciplines

People often opt for getting an MBA degree nowadays along with their basic education as it helps them to secure their futures. An MBA degree also opens up a world of new opportunities for them which can prove to be quite lucrative. There are plenty of prestigious institutions all over India that provide a variety of business management courses. The courses not only train them in the current market trends but also sharpen their skills on understanding the needs and demands of business and finance in the future. One of the MBA programs that definitely deserve a special mention is a Master in International Business degree. Of all the MBA programs that are widely taught nowadays, this one is perhaps the most popular. Here in this article we will discuss some of the best features of this program.

The Master in International Business degree is suited for those individuals who are looking to specialize in global business and be employed with a firm that has a worldwide presence. A Master in International Business degree can acquaint students with the different aspects of global business, helping them to deal with a wide variety of issues as well as teaching them the tactics that can be used to combat them. The program also offers training on finance, management and marketing trends. International business presents with challenges that are different from the domestic business scenario, and earning a Master degree in it will enable one to handle such challenges with ease.

The program also includes several courses that focus on the vital difficulties of operating across language barriers, international finance and trade laws, as well as other issues that might arise frequently when trying to smoothly run a business that has bases in more than a single country. Due to this reason, students who are keen on developing a career in international business often enroll themselves for a Master in International Business degree from a reputable MBA institution. The eligibility criterion for getting enrolled for a Master in International Business degree is to have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

While a conventional MBA degree can only train students to understand the trends of business practices within the confines of their own country, a degree in Master in International Business empowers students with the understanding of international laws and practices that can only be applied to global territories. Hence a Master in International Business degree offers one with a wider scope of practicing business when compared to other MBA programs.

MBA in International Business can take the students to new high of exposure to international markets, their scope and benefits.

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